During the weekend we will be putting on a staggering range of fun and inspiring events in the Queens Hall on the main stage.

On the Saturday Evening guests and VIP ticket holders will also be treated to a Gala Meal with entertainment.

Jedi Fight Academy at ICE Margate!

That’s right all you Padawan learners out there…


Liam Neeson’s body double as Qui Gon Jinn  from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, Andrew Lawden will be carrying out Jedi Fight Academy sessions for kids (and big kids ages 5 and over) throughout the weekend and for just £5 you or your child can register for a full half hour session with full size, replica light sabers, fully lit and safe , in a variety of colours.

Andrew is an experienced actor and fighter and has first hand knowledge of Jedi fighting styles thanks to his experience acting in the film.

You can book your session on the Saturday morning for either day, or you can book in advance here: Ticket Bookings

Andrew will also be signing for Star Wars fans along with our other media guests between training sessions so come along and meet him and get a signature.

The full events schedule will be published on this page in just a few weeks.

Come back soon for full details